Moments of Love

There are words that can not be spoken
When the perfect time has come
It cannot be express by the lips
What to say to you, my love.

There are times that can not be pass by
So that you’ll always be at my sight
And hoping that I can share to you
My feelings that I have for you.

There are dreams that must not have an end
A dream that must be a sweetest dream
So that I can let my fantasies
Turn and become reality.

There are moments that must be fulfilled
A moment that will bloom to the heart
And a heart that will show you the way
To a someone who pays you in this way.


My love

It all started with my favorite childhood movie, Beauty and the Beast. Like a child, you wanted to watch this film and so do I. We got to mall and bought tickets scheduled late evening. I invited you to eat at Krispy Kreme after buying tickets because you got to pay me stories you had to tell before your final rites in our organization, UP Namnama. Well, you actually did narrate your past relationships since kindergarten and I was in front of you, giggling and laughing.

I know it was wrong to have a special feeling towards you because I was the one who told you to confess to my friend whom you dearly loved. And like what I’ve said, hindi ka mahirap mahalin.

Late evening, you fetched me near the basketball court. Hirap pa kong tumakas ‘nun sa boarding house dahil alam kong tutuksuhin na naman ako ng mga kabahay ko sa’yo. We actually invited your boardmates and Scottie to watch with us but, the cinema was full. Not knowing, inaasar ka na rin pala ng mga kabahay mo sa akin. I was kind of sleepy during the scene where Belle was starting to fall in love with the Beast. I tried to figure out how to watch it without my neck being numb and TAAAADAAAA, you asked me to lean on your shoulders but, I refused. Malapit na ‘yung flashback scene when I have to actually lean my head on your shoulders because I’m half asleep. I feel your hikbi and pag-iyak but, I did not let you notice it. Ito lang ‘yung tanging nasa utak ko nung mga time na ‘yun

Franz, I think I like you.

The show ended like a blast and hindi na kita masyadong kinibo nung lumabas tayo up until you asked me kung anong oras ako magsisimba kinabukasan. Hinatid mo ako sa amin and umuwi ka na rin kaagad. And I was stucked to the moment you asked me to lean on your shoulders na parang timang pero I swear, I had a good sleep.

Days passed, hindi na natin masyadong pinag-uusapan si A and you stopped telling me about M. Para bang “okay kinakausap kita kasi gusto talaga kitang kausap”. Hanggang sa tinanong na ako ni Ate Nezzy kung may chance ba daw magkagusto ako sa’yo dahil bagay raw tayo. I kept on denying my feelings for you. I wrote it on my daily plan and I don’t know if someone read it.

Before March ended, you and your friends let me seat beside M. Nang bigla kang natigilan nung may sinabi si Justin na “tapos na-inlove ka”. Kitang-kita ko ‘yun, kung paano nagshift yung mood mo. HAHAHA but I told myself na baka naasar ka lang dahil andun ako at si M.

Hanggang sa dumating na ‘yung FI/FR night. You were shivering then. I gave you my favorite jacket kahit alam kong bawal naming gawin ng mga seniors sa inyo ‘yun and feeling ko kasi manhid ka talaga sa feelings ko. Natapos na ‘yung application process, our sisses and brods got drunk and we were just in the corner nagkwekwentuhan and you cried. Wala akong dalang tissue nukaya nanghingi pa ko kung kanino. And the rest follows…

I love you and I hope to see you soon, mi amor!

2016: A Rough and Bumpy Ride

It is a rigorous journey, traveled by few. A journey determined by your personality – how you look at yourself, how passionate you are, and how strong your faith is.

Disappointments seemed to be established in every fall and out-of-balance you make. But, a rule keeps you from going. A rule that tells you where your journey is taking you and what path you are going to take.

2016, a rough and bumpy ride for me. Along my way, I have encountered situations I never thought I would be in. I ran and ran until,  I was stuck in that dark, one-way street. I forgot the way-out. It seems that every memory I have fades.

I have to look back and think, even it was too hard, “what’s the matter Dindee?”

I walk through the darkness; was hoping I can see a light. As I continue my journey, I found exactly the answer to my question. What matter is that I forgot about the rule. The rule I should have followed from the start. In that moment, a light shone.

Now that I’m now at my last 2016’s destination, I have to thank this rule. Thank you for taking me to this paradise I call life. Thank you for the abundant blessings I am experiencing, may it be bad or good. Thank you God for You are my rule.