2016: A Rough and Bumpy Ride

It is a rigorous journey, traveled by few. A journey determined by your personality – how you look at yourself, how passionate you are, and how strong your faith is.

Disappointments seemed to be established in every fall and out-of-balance you make. But, a rule keeps you from going. A rule that tells you where your journey is taking you and what path you are going to take.

2016, a rough and bumpy ride for me. Along my way, I have encountered situations I never thought I would be in. I ran and ran until,  I was stuck in that dark, one-way street. I forgot the way-out. It seems that every memory I have fades.

I have to look back and think, even it was too hard, “what’s the matter Dindee?”

I walk through the darkness; was hoping I can see a light. As I continue my journey, I found exactly the answer to my question. What matter is that I forgot about the rule. The rule I should have followed from the start. In that moment, a light shone.

Now that I’m now at my last 2016’s destination, I have to thank this rule. Thank you for taking me to this paradise I call life. Thank you for the abundant blessings I am experiencing, may it be bad or good. Thank you God for You are my rule.


If my life was a painting

It is as colorful as my past,
as complicated as my present,

And as vague as my future.

Those who paint my canvas

Are those who appreciate and undervalue it

The ones worth for keeps and not

But, the people I trust and love.

Who am I to let them stop?

I am neither perfect nor impressive

I am wholly a subject of opinion and criticism

That I may become a mess if I let them.

But, I chose to be achromatic in this polychromatic world

Little by little, I express the colorless goodness of man

I may be transformed to a strange piece

But at least, I am a work of art.